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How to transfer phonepe balance to bank account

There is a Trick available where you can Transfer your PhonePe wallet balance directly into Bank Account with little charges (1.65%) Here it is…

Process :-

1. Download Payswiff SET App from Play Store .


2. Now Register on App (no need to give refer code) Using Aadhar and PAN card, You should have to upload documents if needed. Complete 1 to 4 steps (Give All Original Details)


3. Then Select “I Don’t Have POS Device


4. After completing all Verifications you can start collecting Payments from many wallets Especially PhonePe Wallet


6. Your payment will be settled within the next working days and credited into your Bank (Charge will be 1.65%)




?this is the proof!!!?

u can also get cashback for for transferring your wallet balancs to bank….??

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